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Show your customers your company cares about the environment while obtaining valuable consumer data

  • Locate your products after consumption
  • Show that you care about the environment
  • Find new and unheard of consumer patterns

Real-time reporting, export data, and much more

Stipra provides you with a complete dashboard showing in real time how many of your or a competitors products are found at the various disposal sites we track. You can see in real time when people dispose of your products, along with age and gender of the consumer

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Below a few examples of the value Stipra brings to the table

Frequently Asked Questions

Stipra is a new and revolutionary method of incentivizing the proper recycling of your products while obtaining valuable consumer data. You will show your customers that you care that your product does not end up for example in the ocean and you will obtain realtime disposal data you can compare with your sales data.
A POD - Point of Disposal, is a device developed by TeknTrash which provides Consumption data. Until now, manufacturers have only had Sales data, and mostly through POS - Point of Sales, and inferred consumption data from it. In a data centric world, that is just unacceptable.
Stipra.Com is our first POD: it is a portal where people register and download APP with which they take pictures of their household products when disposed in exchange for points. These pictures are indexed and shown here in a map like the one shown here
Stipra has 2 parts: and allows regular people to take pictures of their products and thus obtain rewards, and shows that consumption data so you can compare it with your sales data
Stipra collects data from garbage in order to provide consumer good companies with meaningful consumer patterns
Through 3 methods:
1 - Recycling Plants - We install cameras on top of the conveyor belts taking photos of the trash as it arrives from the numerous collection points
2 - Stipra Portal - People use their computers or our app to take pictures of their products as they are throwing them in the trash to obtain points
3 - Smart bins - Locate at various places such as supermarkets, shopping centers, etc instead of the ugly regular trash cans. People throw their trash in them to also obtain points
Until now, the only way to know consumption was to infer it from sales: this is wrong and generates sales errors. Suppose we locate 1000 bottles of a shampoo being disposed at some town where you do not have any supermarket selling it because you thought it was not your target. Where did people buy it from then? Probably online or at some nearby town, with an extra effort which reduces sales and your profits.

How it Works

By comparing disposal data with sales data your company will know your customers much better. Our simple 4 step process makes it easy

1 - Create products and assign points to it

Register the products you want us to track and assign points you want to give the public for taking pictures of it

2 - Create tracking campaigns

Create campaigns based on the geographical area you want us to locate your products, types of inputs, time, etc and include the products you want tracked

3 - Monitor your campaign

Monitor in real time your products as they are located in the 3 kinds of disposal areas we track, create reports, import and export your sales data, etc

4 - Create Visualizations

Create compelling visualizations on the generated data, with variables such as amount of products located versus sales per area, time of sale versus time of use, etc

Current Campaigns

These are some of the campaigns we have running right now at
Companies create geofenced campaigns of their products and assign points to be granted everytime someone disposes of those products at that area.
Offer Points per picture Active area
Soreen banana lunchbox loaf

With 73% less fat and 55% less sugar than the average cake bar, our Banana flavour lunchbox loaves are the perfect healthy yet tasty alternative for your kids lunchbox!

And you get 50 points if you dispose it properly

ASDA Olive Oil
1 Litre
Suitable for Vegetarians
Refined Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil
We suggest this product provides 66 servings
And you get 100 points! :)
Coca-Cola - Coke Cans 330ml

The same delicious, uplifting, and refreshing taste of Coca-Cola we all know

While theres no one quite like you, theres a Coca-Cola for your uniqueness and style

Whether it be a Party Coca-Cola bottle, or a mini, or an ice-cold Diet Coke, or a Coca-Cola Zero sugar in a can, theres a refreshing way to enjoy your own!

Try one today and get 100 points if you dispose properly of it, courtesy of!

Carbonated Water, Colour (Caramel E150d), Sweeteners (Aspartame, Acesulfame K), Flavourings (including Caffeine), Phosphoric Acid, Citric Acid, Contains a source of Phenylalanine

Asda White Wine VinegarAsda White Wine Vinegar Suitable for Vegetarians. 100
Princes GatePrinces Gate bottled water100
Tyre from the Great Pacific garbage patchThe worlds largest garbage dump is the Great Pacific garbage patch. 28% of it is made of car tyres. In this exclusive offer, TeknTrash will grant through Stipra 10.000 points for anyone to remove one tyre from this10000
Pure Life Purified WaterWhichever family you’re with, we’re here for you, with Pure Life Purified Water. Whether you’re looking for refreshing hydration options for your kids, team, or best friends, our quality bottled water is perfectly sized to fit your family.1000
Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt GirlLimited translucent red colored vinyl LP pressing.100
Amos Lee - My New MoonVinyl LP pressing. The ten new songs on My New Moon were all written by Amos Lee, and are the product of a period of intense connection and loss, marking his most personal collection to date. 100
Emmylou Harris - White Shoes - VinylWhite Shoes (Vinyl)100

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