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What is Stipra?

Stipra is a revolutionary system which allows companies to know their consumers better by granting their consumers points whenever they dispose of their products. This allows for more sales and an increase in brand equity

Maximize the chances of a product launch

More than 30 thousand new consumer products are launched per year and 80% of them fail. This is because their manufacturers do not know the entire lifecycle of their products: only from production until sales. But it is the post-sales data the one which holds the key of consumption! And this is what Stipra offers.

Obtain post-sales data

Track products you want to know more about by creating campaigns, so whenever they are disposed you'll know when, who, where and how

Compare data

Compare this newly obtain post-sales data with your regular sales data to find out how long it takes for a consumer to consume your product, what was its reaction to it, how did he used it, etc. And use that data to enhance your product and thus its sales

Real-time monitoring, export data, and much more

Stipra provides you with a complete dashboard showing in real time how many of your or a competitors products are found at the various disposal sites we track. You can see in real time when people dispose of your products, along with age and gender of the consumer


See in real time your products when they are disposed, along with date and gender of the consumer

Export data

Export Stipra's post-sales data and compare it with your sales data to find untapped sales spots, reduce stock and churn, etc

Show your customers you care about the environment

62.5% of the Gen-Z consumers say they will only consume from sustainable brands. Stipra allows you to reward your customers with points they can later trade by one of the many perks available at With that, you are sending a message "I care about the environment to the point I will reward you if you dispose my products properly"

Assign points to a campaign

Create campaigns of products you want to track when disposed and assign points as rewards

Purchase points

Purchase more points when a campaign runs out or upgrade your contract to one with more points per campaign

How It Works

By comparing disposal data with sales data your company will know your customers much better. Our simple 4 step process makes it easy

1 - Register your products

Register your products you want us to track and where ideally they should be disposed (bin color, location, etc)

2 - Create tracking campaigns

Create campaigns with the geographical area you want those products located when disposed and assign points to reward your customers whenever they dispose of those products correctly

3 - Monitor Campaign

Monitor in real time your products as they are located and see it in a map along with time+date, geographical location, age, and gender of that consumer

4 - Export and visualize data

Export this post-sales data and compare it to your sales data to reduce consumer churn, find untapped sales locations, reduce stock, etc. Finally, create compelling visualizations, and much more




Free forever, designed for companies who will be the next FMCG's!

  • Up to 10 products
  • Up to 100 pictures per product
  • 2.000 points per campaign
  • Own country
  • Only Geo data
  • Only Monitor data


Designed for companies with few products

  • Up to 100 products
  • Up to 1.000 pictures per product
  • 5.000 points per campaign
  • Own country
  • Only Geo data
  • Only Monitor data


Designed for FMCG companies with several brands and world exposure

  • Up to 1.000 products
  • Up to 10.000 pictures per product
  • 50.000 points per campaign
  • Country & Continent
  • Geo/Gender/Age Data
  • Monitor/Export Data

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick and spot on

Stipra is a system to obtain post-sales data by rewarding consumers with points
Consumers are then able to trade those points for valuable merchandise and companies are able to understand better their consumers and their needs

Preventing consumer churn and increasing sales
However, many more can be mentioned, such as:
1 = Obtaining real consumption data: Sales data is not consumption data: Stipra is the only service which can provide you with real consumption data you can compare with your sales data
2 - Better stock practices: Knowing how long takes for a products to be fully consumed and thus being able to calculate further batch sizes, thus preserving capital
3 - Improved corporate image: Showing the company cares that its products are properly disposed to the point of actually rewarding its consumers if they can prove they disposed of their products responsibly

60% of FMCG brands’ digital marketing spend is wasted – resulting in annual losses of close to $50bn for the industry: 27bn saw a negative return and ROI on the remaining $8bn wasn’t even measured. Also, more than 80% of all the 30,000 new consumer products launched per year fail.

And why? Simply because they lack post sales data. Instead, they depend on sales data to calculate the next batch. But this is the worst type of data for a new product!

For, the fact a product was sold to a wholesaler or even to a direct consumer channel such as a supermarket does not mean it would be sold again, as it could be that the end consumers did not like the product and will not repeat the purchase. Thus, the next batch, depending solely on the number of products sold initially, ends up being too large.

Thus creating an unnecesary expense in a batch which will not be fully sold, unsold stock which will not be sold as sometimes it has an expiration date, return and storage costs, etc

Getting points they can trade for perks
Whenever they make a video of their household garbage an AI system locates products and awards points according to what the manufacturers of those products assigned. These points can be then traded for perks, valuable merchandise, etc. This means Stipra is a "post-sales" loyalty system, one which rewards for proper recycling, thus changing the entire status quo of consumption

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