Use Cases

Stipra allows for countless use cases ranging from better understanding of your products to adjusting advertising campaigns in real time. Below 4 common use cases

1 - Maximize the chances of a product launch

Know what your customers found about your products without those 0800 customer opinions hotlines that customers do not use and even lie to obtain rewards. Stipra obtains real data on how was the consumer experience based on an automated analysis on your products when they are disposed, thus allowing you to prevent overproduction costs, stocks of unsold products, customer churn, etc

Obtain post-sales data

Track products you want to know more about by creating campaigns, so whenever they are disposed you'll know when, who, where and how

Compare data

Compare this newly obtain post-sales data with your regular sales data to find out how long it takes for a consumer to consume your product, what was its reaction to it, how did he used it, etc. And use that data to enhance your product and thus its sales

2 - Fine tune your subscription service

70% of organizations have deployed or are considering the deployment of subscription services. Shavers, feminine hygiene products, wine, coffee, are usual markets for this mode of selling due to their recurring needs.

However, all those systems depend on the user saying how often they want the product to be delivered, and naturally consumers usually choose the cheapest option, only to find they are not getting their products with the frequency required. And the softwares offered in the market do not solve this problem either: all they do is track sales and deliveries.

Stipra is the only software able to automate that recurring process. For it is able to track the product in the consumer's trash, informing the company of the need of a new one. Stipra also informs the time it takes for consumers to fully consume their products, allowing them to fine tune their production and stock practices to preserve capital.

Know when your client has run out of your product

Stipra can identify in real time your products when they are disposed and inform you so you automatically send a new one. That removes from your consumers having to figure out how often they want your products, and request another one should they run out before their preset time

Learn consumer patterns

Learn how long it usually takes for your customers to fully consume your products and use this data to adjust the size of your products

3 - Adjust your advertising campaign in real time

Until now, every advertising campaign depended on ending first in order to see how many sales, conversions, etc it was able to do. With Stipra, you can see in real time how many of your products are being consumed. That allows you to adjust the advertising campaign to, for example, increase in an area where no products are showing up, which indicates low consumer interest or exposure


See in real time your products when they are disposed, along with date and gender of the consumer

Export data

Export Stipra's post-sales data and compare it with your sales data to find untapped sales spots, reduce stock and churn, etc

4 - Create a competitive advantage with your consumers with more than just a pointless "Recycle me" logo

62.5% of the Gen-Z consumers say they will only consume from sustainable brands. Be a step ahead of your competitors that only put a logo "Recycle me" on their products and expect them to do it for them. With Stipra you can offer real rewards to your consumers whenever they dispose of your products properly. This creates love and respect from your consumers and, thus, a competitive advantage

Assign points to a campaign

Create campaigns of products you want to track when disposed and assign points as rewards

Purchase points

Purchase more points when a campaign runs out or upgrade your contract to one with more points per campaign